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LIVE: 144th day of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russia is preparing for the next stage of its offensive in Ukraine, a Ukrainian military official said, after Moscow said its forces would step up military operations in “all operational areas”. Russian rockets and missiles have pounded cities in strikes that Kyiv says have killed dozens in recent days.

07:57 CEST

A cargo aircraft An-12BK owned by a Ukrainian company crashed in Greece while flying from Serbia to Jordan.

The crew declared an emergency due to an engine fire. Images captured by witnesses show how the aircraft hit the ground.

— Euromaidan Press (@EuromaidanPress) July 17, 2022

07:27 CEST

The ISW also reported that Ukrainian HIMARS strikes against Russian ammunition depots, logistical elements, and command and control are “likely degrading Russian artillery campaigns.”

— The Kyiv Independent (@KyivIndependent) July 17, 2022


#Kharkiv Update:#Russian President Vladimir Putin may have ordered Russian forces to seize Kharkiv City and the rest of unoccupied Kharkiv Oblast despite the extreme improbability of success.

— ISW (@TheStudyofWar) July 17, 2022

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