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Our dream is to have a secular democratic country: Iranian activist

Iranian rights activists have urged women to publicly remove their veils on “National Day of Hijab and Chastity” on Tuesday, risking arrest for defying the Islamic dress code. To talk about the issue of women’s rights in Iran TVP World invited Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist and activist.

“Women who are walking unveiled in Iran they are not just protesting against a small piece of cloth, they are actually challenging one of the main pillars of a religious dictatorship,” Masih Alinejad said.

She pointed out that in Iran there is a societal institution known as the “morality police”, which attacks and bullies women who dare to walk without a hair scarf. “The Iranian police hires undercover police, it means that they allow religious people, the extremists to go out in public and warn and stop any woman walking unveiled,” Mrs Alinejad emphasised.

Furthermore, the Iranian activist went on to say that women in Iran are not allowed to attend school, apply for a job or even get an identification document if they do not give into wearing a hijab.

“Our dream is to have a secular democratic country. The Islamic Republic is not going to respect women, Islamic Republic, Taliban, ISIS they are all our enemies,” she said. “As far as the Islamic Republic, Taliban and ISIS have power none of the women around the world will be safe,” Masih Alinejad stressed.

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