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Rock Rachon 14.07

Lithuania will adhere to the European Commission’s advice that sanctioned Russian goods can transit to the Kaliningrad exclave, its Foreign Ministry said, noting at the same time that the move could be perceived as a “softening” of EU’s sanctions policy against Russia.

Meanwhile, Canada’s decision to allow Siemens Canada to return the repaired Nord Stream 1 turbines to Germany and the EU Tribunals’ ruling allowing Russia to secure exemptions from EU laws for its Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, gives head to the prospect of a great alliance from Lisbon to Vladivostok with Russia and Germany being the main players.

Germany still heavily dependent on Russian gas wants this alliance to bloom. However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the killing of Ukrainian civilians and other war crimes do not fit European values.

Rock Rachon’s guests were analyst and former civil servant of the US Defence Department Trent Telenko, political theory expert and assistant professor of international relations at Webster University in Vienna Ralph Schöllhammer and journalist Matthew Tyrmand.

Michał Rachoń’s first guest talked about the HIMARS missiles Ukraine is receiving from the US and how this changing the rules of the game in favour of Ukraine.

The programme’s second guest spoke about the current situation in the Netherlands, where farmers are protesting their government’s plans requiring nitrogen pollution to be cut giving Dutch farmers an ultimatum.

“The Dutch farmers have been reducing their emissions for 30 years. It was only that all of the sudden the government decided particularly due to one party in the ruling coalition government that they wanted to speed up the process, that they wanted to do this even faster, and the result of this is they don’t give farmers time to adapt, so the consequence is that they have to close and potentially sell their farms to the government, which is also causing a lot of anger,” Mr Schöllhammer said.

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