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Historic sea fort going under the hammer for GBP 50,000

The Bull Sand Fort, the Grade II listed sea fort on the Humber Estuary will be up for sale at a guide price of GBP 50,000. The fort, which can be reached via private boat and helicopter, comprises three floors with a basement and a central two-storey observation tower. There is a freshwater supply available via an artesian well.

The fort was built in 1915 and completed in December 1919 with the original purpose of protecting the sea entrance during the Great War at the Humber Estuary. It was also modernised and reactivated for use during WWII.

The fort, protected by 12 inches of armour, was designed to withstand gunfire from heavy naval units on its seaward side and is strengthened by concrete. It served as crucial accommodation for a garrison of 200 men during World War Two.

Currently, Bull Sand Fort is vacant and in need of refurbishment throughout, but has a strong potential for development or alternative uses. It is located nearly 3 kilometres from the end of Spurn Point to the northeast and some 5 kilometres from the mainland to the southwest.

The auction for Bull Sand Fort will be held on Tuesday, July 19 and is currently listed on Rightmove at a guide price of GBP 50,000.

Bull Sand Fort is one of the two sea forts that have been built during the Great War to improve the protection of the British Isles. Its twin Haile Sand Fort was sold in 2018 for GBP 117,000.

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