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Taiwan conducts largest-ever disaster preparedness drill

Taiwan conducts its largest-ever disaster preparedness exercise with wartime scenarios in an effort to boost its civil defence response amid rising tensions with mainland China.

More than 1,800 personnel participated in the annual exercise outside of capital city Taipei with disaster scenes from the Ukraine war and mock Chinese air raid attacks.

Head of New Taipei’s fire department, Huang De-ching, said that based on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, plans had been updated to better command “supplies, equipment and the ability of our rescue personnel to respond in an emergency that we would need in case of war,” adding that Taiwan being an island nation, its ports and infrastructure would most likely be targeted during air raids.

“A feature of this year’s drill is we incorporated wartime scenarios, scenes from the Russia-Ukraine war and also mock China’s attacks on Taiwan,” he added. “There are eight wartime scenarios in this drill, including different kinds of air attacks, civil defence training and other wartime disaster scenarios.”

The country is gearing up for another week of drills later this month, when it will be staging its most important annual Han Kuang military drills.

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