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War criminals will be brought before justice and sentenced: FM Rau in Hague

During his Thursday visit to Hague Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said that regardless of how long the war in Ukraine would last, war criminals will be brought before justice and sentenced.

On Thursday, a delegation headed by FM Rau arrived in Hague to participate in the “Accountability for Ukraine – Enhancing coordination of action to deliver justice” conference dedicated to the international community’s engagement in supporting Ukraine in bringing legal action against perpetrators of crimes committed during the Russian aggression.

What will be certainly worked out [during the conference] is a clear message to war criminals that they cannot count on impunity. Thanks to the efforts of the international community, the lawsuits against them will continue and regardless of how long it will take, they will be brought before justice and sentenced,” the FM had told journalists shortly before the conference started.

The main challenge will be, he said, how to coordinate the efforts of prosecutors of individual states as well as the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court so as to avoid doubling cases.

FM Rau saw Poland’s role in the undertaking as crucial. “We do not simply provide logistical help to national prosecutors but we also, due to the vast number of [Ukrainian] refugees in our country, undertake pertinent action ourselves.”

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