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Complete energy transformation crux of Polish-US talks

“Crucial consultations” is what presidential aide Andrzej Dera dubbed the Tuesday talks on energy security and transformation between Poland’s President Andrzej Duda and the first United States special presidential envoy for climate John Kerry in Warsaw.

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“These are crucial consultations between Poland and the US,” Mr Dera told Polish Radio, adding that “in the context of war, complete energy transformation and embracing new technologies for climate protection” was important.

Pleased to meet with President @AndrzejDuda to discuss deepening US-PL cooperation to advance energy security, climate action, and economic growth and modernization.

— Special Presidential Envoy John Kerry (@ClimateEnvoy) July 12, 2022

“Obviously we do not hide the fact that we are in the midst of talks on nuclear energy. After all, if we are to undergo this [energy] transformation, we must replace coal with a permanent [energy] source,” he said. “We are proponents of nuclear energy and supporters of energy diversification, hence the great importance of contracts with the US on the shipment of liquified gas.”

The aide added that “these talks are very serious” and included “a multiyear outlook on what is to be done” in this regard.

He stressed that an energy transformation would take place bringing about a cleaner enviroment. The Polish-US cooperation will be “a cornerstone of this transformation”. Mr Dara went on to say that the talks also covered energy security “so that we may not be dependent on Russia.”

Productive discussion today with Prime Minister @MorawieckiM on the urgency of a clean energy transition. Poland is leading the EU in their efforts to diversify energy sources and end use of eliminate Russian hydrocarbons.

— Special Presidential Envoy John Kerry (@ClimateEnvoy) July 12, 2022

During his visit to Warsaw, Mr Kerry also met with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and praised Poland saying he is “grateful for the great leadership exercised by Poland, as well as for the generosity of Poles who have given so much to the refugees.”

The US envoy also noted how Poland was taking real steps to contribute to energy transformation.

Warsaw is becoming cleaner and greener. These electric buses, manufactured right here in Poland, are a great example of ways cities and local governments can reduce our collective carbon footprint and create high quality jobs.

— Special Presidential Envoy John Kerry (@ClimateEnvoy) July 12, 2022

Mr Kerry said that the challenge of climate protection could not be resolved by individual states, adding that “all of us will have to take part in this transformation” by limiting CO2 emissions. He went on to recall that although the COP26 summit in Glasgow had taken place before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the climate crisis did not stop due to the war and thus the efforts for climate protection needed to be continued in thought out way.

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