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Eastern Express 12.07

This edition of Eastern Express featured a series of Ukrainian missile attacks using the newly received western equipment against the Russian army’s fuel and ammunition depots. The now nutritious HIMARS and M270 launchers provided the range and precision that made it possible.

As soon as the HIMARS appeared near the frontline, they became a source of nightmares for the Russian Armed Forces. Over half of the confirmed HIMARS strikes in recent days have targeted Russian positions in the Kherson oblast. That strongly ties into the mission announced by President Zelenskyy and Defence Minister Reznikov of taking back the country, currently under Russian occupation.

However, the use of the new missile system is not without its criticisms. The 16 tonne weight of the launcher, and the 2 tonne container is alleged to have resulted in longer transport and loading times. This information however, is rather misleading. As the weight of the HIMARS launcher is relatively low compared to similar missile systems and even ordinary trucks and the loading system of the container with GMLRS missiles is simple and easy to reload.

The Russian S400 anti-aircraft defence systems aren’t able to intercept HIMARS rockets – which its producing corporation promised and charged billions for. Russian Armed Forces, their ammunition and fuel warehouses are therefore completely unprotected from the power of American weapons. The failure of Russia’s much vaunted S400 systems to make any impact on American HIMARS is a major embarrassment not only for Russia, but also for all the countries which have bought into the sales pitch. China, India, Turkey and also Israel, all seem to have greatly overestimated these air-defence systems.

Though a system such as Himars is not enough to win the war on its own, it is a powerful and useful tool at the same time a very economical one to be used in modern warfare.

All this and more, on Eastern Express.

Eastern Express’ Guest
Dr Jacek Raubo, military analyst from was invited to shed some more light about the situation on the front line and the utilisation of the rocket launching system.

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