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Business Arena 11.07

In Monday’s episode our host David Kennedy started the show with our main stories which were: Europe on edge as Nord Stream Russian gas link enters shutdown and massive data leak reveals how top politicians secretly helped Uber in its bid to disrupt the taxi market in European cities.

The biggest single pipeline carrying Russian gas to Germany began annual maintenance on Monday, with flows expected to stop for 10 days. But governments, markets and companies are worried the shutdown might be extended because of the war in Ukraine. Our guest was Piotr Andrzejewski PhD, analyst at the Institute of Western Affairs.

Among other topics:

Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated on Friday, had aimed to transform the economy. The country’s longest-serving prime minister was known for his plan known as Abenomics. to revitalise the Japanese economy after twenty years of stagnation.

Thousands of Dutch farmers have gone onto the streets to demonstrate against the government’s agricultural policy changes reducing the use of nitrate fertilisers. The policies are aimed at reducing greenhouse gasses by 50 percent by 2030. Major roads, distribution centres and shopping malls were blocked by hundreds of tractors. 

Germany’s biggest landlord will turn down the heat for hundreds of thousands of residents in the coming months as Russia throttles supplies of natural gas.

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