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Polish Airlines to go green with help of PKN ORLEN

LOT Polish Airlines recently signed an agreement with PKN ORLEN, a Polish oil refiner and petrol retailer to introduce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to its planes. Thanks to a SAF plant under construction in Płock, PKN ORLEN will offer low-emission fuel to airlines starting in 2025.

The innovative fuel will be made from post-frying cooking oils. The fuel, which is suitable for current jet engines, is expected to reduce up to 80 percent of emissions compared with traditional aviation fuel.

Emission neutrality

The agreement is intended to help implement green solutions to meet requirements of the EU’s Fit for 55 package. The NetZero resolution adopted by IATA, the International Air Transport Association, expects that carriers will achieve emissions neutrality by 2050.

One answer to the challenges facing the industry is the use of technologies that make it possible to convert raw materials such as vegetable oils, used frying oils or algae oils into biofuel or a bicomponent for jet fuel. Thanks to the investment underway at the Płock refinery, PKN ORLEN will be able to produce up to 300,000 tons of hydrogenated oil per year. This is equivalent to about 50 percent of aviation fuel produced annually by ORLEN Group.

SAF fuel

The new generation of environmentally friendly fuel is chemically similar to conventional jet fuel. It can even be added to conventional fuel.

“We estimate that the share of sustainable aviation fuels in global consumption will be 3 percent in 2030. This is a huge development opportunity, which, in line with the ORLEN2030 strategy, we want to use effectively,” Daniel Obajtek, the head of PKN ORLEN said.

Ecofriendly approach

“Fuel from sustainable raw materials is one of the elements among the many initiatives taken by LOT Polish Airlines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I am glad that we can pursue this goal together with Orlen,” Rafał Milczarski, the head of LOT said.

LOT wants to use sustainable aviation fuels as part of its Destination ECO strategy. The national carrier wants to use the new type of fuel on all flights from airports to which it will be supplied by the Polish company.

LOT representatives argue that the use of this type of fuel on short- and long-haul flights will contribute to a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

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