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Electronic detection system to reinforce Polish-Belarus border barrier

Polish border with Belarus will be reinforced with a sophisticated electronic detection system complementing the existing physical barrier and allowing the Border Guard to monitor the section more closely, without necessarily being present on the frontier.

The electronic surveillance and detection system will be installed on a 202 km-long section. Once installed, the existing physical barrier will become fully functional.

The new barrier will allow monitoring sections wherever building the concrete wall was impossible, for example, where the border is aligned with rivers.

Boasting over 2,500 cameras, 400 km of detection wires and 200 km of transmission wires, the system is designed to prevent uncontrolled or unauthorised access.

“The electronic barrier is already being constructed at a 202 km stretch,” the Border Guard’s spokesperson Lieutenant Anna Michalska said. “Thanks to the electronic barrier, guards will be able to continuously monitor the situation on the border, without necessarily being there in person. They will still be able to respond to all attempts of illegally crossing the border or even when somebody approaches it.”

The electronic barrier will operate in a closed-circuit architecture. This will prevent an uncontrolled and unauthorised flow of data. Lt. Michalska stressed that all the detection components of the barrier originated from trustworthy western producers. The efficacy and infallibility of the components has been verified by the Polish Border Guard.

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