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LIVE: 138th day of Russian invasion of Ukraine

As the German Bundestag refuses to send several hundred military transporters to Ukraine under the pretext of preserving Germany’s own security interests, the war in Ukraine continues with Russia now recruiting prisoners from “penal colonies” and citizens of Russian-occupied Kherson are being kidnapped or killed, according to local sources.

07:22 CEST

⚡️ Russian forces sustain equipment, personnel losses in southern Ukraine.

Operational Command “South” reported that it killed 38 Russian troops and destroyed four Msta-B howitzers, five military vehicles, two ammunition depots, and a portable surface-to-air missile system.

— The Kyiv Independent (@KyivIndependent) July 11, 2022

07:17 CEST

Local media reports that a multi-story building in central #Kharkiv was destroyed by a #Russian missile.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) July 11, 2022

06:55 CEST

In #Lysychansk, either #Ukrainian soldiers or #Russian invaders used a T-34 standing on a pedestal as a monument to drive around the city, reports journalist Denis Kazansky.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) July 11, 2022

06:30 CEST

A #Ukrainian military man celebrates his baby's 3rd birthday in a trench.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) July 11, 2022

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