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Duda outraged by Tusk’s comments on central bank head – presidential aide

Piotr Nowak/PAP

Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, is outraged by the words of the leader of the main opposition party Civic Platform (PO), Donald Tusk, who said that he would lead the central bank governor out of office, a presidential aide said on Sunday.

Adam Glapinski was recently appointed to a second term as the governor of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) at Duda’s request.

Tusk told a PO congress on July 2 that if his party takes power it will “move Glapinski out of the NBP.” He added that experts from the President’s Office had indicated “legal obstacles” related to Glapinski’s re-election.

“A much smaller doubt would be enough to lead the guy out of the NBP and I will do it, I can guarantee it,” he said.

On Sunday, Jakub Kumoch, who heads Duda’s international policy bureau, commented on Tusk’s words for private broadcaster TVN24.

“The president is outraged by these words that speak of removing government officials from office, and as long as he is the president, government officials will not be removed either in this way or in any other way,” Kumoch said.

“No violence will be used and no methods known from the countries far away from European standards,” he added.

Kumoch also said that he was not aware of any opinion that would question the president’s right to appoint the NBP chief for a second term.

PO spokesman Jan Grabiec told TVN24 that his party had a legal opinion document which says that Glapinski’s reappointment is illegal and would present it at the beginning of the week.

“If there are constitutionalists who say there are very serious indications that it (Glapinski’s re-election – PAP) is illegal, moreover, there have been opinions that the decision of the Monetary Policy Council may be questioned given that an unauthorized person serves as the chairman of the council, these doubts must be taken into account, because the economic and financial situation in Poland is involved here,” Grabiec said.

Earlier on Sunday, Minister Andrzej Dera from the President’s Office told private broadcaster Polsat News that when appointing Glapinski for the second term the president “had 100-percent confidence that he could do it.

“Any suggestion that there have been any other expert opinions is absurd and nonsensical,” he added.

Poland’s central bank governor is appointed at the president’s motion the by the Sejm, the lower house, for a six-year term, with a maximum limit of two-terms.

However, according to PO MP Pawel Borys, there is a legal opinion document showing that Glapinski had already served as a member of the Management Board at the NBP before being appointed as governor in 2016, therefore his current term is already his third.

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