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EU may see Johnson leaving as chance to make life hard for UK: expert

The resignation of Boris Johnson is unlikely to heal the rift between the United Kingdom and the EU. On the contrary, it could even deepen the divide in the short term. TVP World invited Prof. Andrew Tettenborn from Swansea University to discuss this and other British foreign policy issues.

Asked whether the European Union has reason to be happy about Johnson’s resignation, Prof. Tettenborn said that, indeed, Brussels may see an opportunity to make life difficult for the UK, especially regarding the negotiations regarding the Northern Ireland protocol. Foreign Ministers of Germany and Ireland have already said as much when they expressed they believe Johnson’s resignation is a chance to start again.

But Prof. Tettenborn said he thinks they are probably wrong. He believes that the cabinet members that are left are even more in favour of Brexit than the old ones. Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, and Shailesh Vara, the new Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, will likely stay on their posts, and they are as far as Tories are concerned, they are as anti-EU as they get.

Prof. Tetenborn also explains what the UK, the EU, and the Republic of Ireland want to achieve in terms of trade and border controls on the Irish-Irish border, how will Johnson’s resignation affect Britains relationship with the US, Ukraine, and Central and Eastern Europe, and how does Boris Johnson see his role while Westminster is in recess.

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