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Business Arena 8.07

On Friday’s episode our host David Kennedy kicked off the show with our main story: Boris Johnson leaving the world’s fifth biggest economy in crisis and Japan investing big money in Poland.

Britain is in the grips of a cost-of-living crisis, and the departure of its prime minister leaves uncertainty about the government’s next moves.

Among other topics, the show touched on:

New Zealand’s central bank handed an official warning to the National Australia Bank unit operating in the country after it failed to report the location of 50,000 transactions between 2018 and 2020.

High prices of fuel in Estonia have caused demand in lower-income areas of the country to drop. Estonia currently has the 5th most expensive fuel in Europe behind Norway, Greece, Denmark and Netherlands, at 2.16 euros per litre.

Luxembourg, Europe’s 8th smallest country, but also one with the biggest average GDP per capita of over 130 thousand dollars is the only country on the continent with completely free public transport. The country with a population of 640 thousand people introduced the scheme back in 2020, in a bid to reduce traffic congestion. According to data from the same year, Luxembourg’s vehicle density is the highest in Europe with 696 cars per 1000 citizens, a clear edge over Italy sitting in second place with 666 cars per 1000.

Joining the programme today were Marcin Liberadzki, PhD, economist at SGH Warsaw School of Economics and Michael Dembinski, chief advisor at British-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

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