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KGHM a step closer to nuclear power plant construction

The Polish corporation KGHM has made a formal requestto the National Atomic Energy Agency for evaluation of Small Modular Reactors (SMR) technology, which will beused to build nuclear plants in Poland. The estimated cost of such a plant is USD1.5-2 billion.

“It is a historical day not only for KGHM but also for Poland. We take a significant step towards nuclear energy. As the first company in Poland, we filed an application to the National Atomic Energy Agency for the evaluation of SMR technology,” said the corporation’s CEO Marcin Chludziński.

Deputy CEO Andrzej Kensbok notes that it is difficult to estimate costs of construction due to changing prices.

“No nuclear plant has been constructed in Poland, yet. Therefore we proposed to found a group which would discuss methods of financing such an investment. Major Polish and international banking institutions joined the group, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,” Kensbok said.

KGHM is working on the investment together with US company NuScale. The company is awaiting feedback from the National Atomic Energy Agency to come within six to nine months, taking into consideration that the technology has been registered in the US.

Researching the ideal location would be the next step toward construction of the first nuclear plant in Poland. KGHM is looking at several locations, and the final decision will be taken after consideration of legal, environmental and economic variables.

“We already work on launching the Test Control Centre where operators of the nuclear plant would be trained. Our goal is to create a simulation centre where our future employees would work and learn specifics of the technology as well as gain experience,” Chludziński said.

Small Modular Reactors technology developed by NuScale Power, is a cutting-edge solution approved by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Initially, KGHM hopes to use nuclear energy to supply power to its production units in Poland.

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