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Pole appointed advisor at European Space Agency

PhD Tomek Rożek has been appointed a member of the High-Level Advisory Group for Human and Robotic Space Exploration for Europe (HLAG) – an important cell within the European Space Agency.

Mr Rożek is now the sole representative of Poland and East-Central Europe within the HLAG – a team convoked by ESA Director-General Josef Aschbacher consisting of 12 members, namely former NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, managing director at the World Economic Forum Saadia Zahidi, Boston Consulting CEO Christoph Schweizer and Spanish former Science and Innovation Minister Cristina Garmendia.

Our task will be to outline the direction for Europe’s space technology development,” PhD Rożek said.

The HLAG was created to improve the ESA discussion on the future of Europe in the field of space exploration. As put by Mr Aschbacher, the group was created with the goal to outline an in-depth and substantive vision of space exploration. He went on to add that the HLAG would assess the future role of Europe in space exploration approached from various angles, including geopolitical, educational, economic and social. PhD Tomasz Rożek is to advise on that matter.

“I specialise in education and science communication. I am up for sharing my experience and intuition. It is an utmost pleasure to be selected to contribute to the works of the ESA Advisory Group. The ESA is one of the world’s largest institutions engaged in space research. The space sector development and the transfer of space technologies can be, and often is, the spinning wheel of modern economies,” he said, adding that “Poland has a swiftly developing space sector. I exuberate from the fact that I will have this opportunity to tell my HLAG colleagues about this.”

The HLAG will convene for the first time in late September at the ESA’s European Space Science and Technology Centre in Noordwyk, the Netherlands.

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