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Ukrainian refugees eager to work in Poland: daily

The readiness to take up work is greater among Ukrainians in Poland than in the Czech Republic and Romania. Refugees from Ukraine are also favoured by the openness of employers, which may, however, be stifled by the economic slowdown, the Polish daily “Rzeczpospolita” wrote on Friday.

A large share of people with higher education and a lot of willingness to work – these characteristics of refugees from Ukraine have made it easier for them to find employment in Poland for several months. This can also be seen in the rapidly growing number of Ukrainians who have taken up work in Poland on the basis of new regulations, simplified after the outbreak of the war,” the daily pointed out.

“The level of education among Ukrainian refugees, which we observe on the labour market today, is much higher than that recorded among labour migrants from the country before the war,” Andrzej Korkus, head of the employment agency EWL, noted, quoted by the newspaper.

The “Refugees from Ukraine in Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania” report he was referring to, is the result of a survey that included a total of 1,200 people this spring – 400 in each of the three countries. “It confirms that labour emigration from Ukraine has been replaced by war-forced emigration,” Mr Korkus pointed out.

“As a result, in all three countries, more than half of the refugees surveyed are university educated. In Romania, this share is the highest (71 pct)… which paradoxically may limit the willingness to work as some professionals, including IT specialists, work remotely for their existing employer,” the daily assessed.

Since February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine, 4.62 million people have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border into Poland, the Border Guard reported on Friday morning. Moreover, according to a report by the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw, 58 percent of the Ukrainian refugees plan to return to their homes while 29 percent of them intend to stay permanently in Poland.

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