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Scale of human trafficking is enormous: Robyn Phillips for TVP World

Human trafficking is a constant problem in the world harming thousands of people each year, especially in less developed countries and places torn by natural and man-made disasters like the war in Ukraine. TVP World invited Robyn Phillips, the director of operations at the Human Trafficking Foundation to discuss the issue of this humanitarian crisis.

According to the director, people living in a war-torn country are especially at risk. “With any displacement of people, people are at risk, they’ve lost their stability, they’re unsafe, they’ve lost their income, they’ve lost their jobs, and that makes them really vulnerable to accepting offers that, maybe in a normal situation they would think: ‘actually this seems a bit dodgy, maybe I won’t do this’,” she said.

“We are really, really worried about children. Obviously trying to keep families together is so important,” Mrs Phillips stated.

She pointed out that at any place where a displacement of people takes place, human trafficking becomes an issue.

“Obviously what we have seen in Ukraine is horrific, and what has been positive is the way countries have responded so quickly,” Robin Phillips said, pointing to the actions of the Polish government and institutions and their mindfulness of the issue.

Human Trafficking Foundation

The Human Trafficking Foundation was established to support and add value to the work of the many charities and agencies operating to combat human trafficking in the UK.

“The Foundation brings together parliamentarians NGOs, local authorities, law enforcement, academics and other experts throughout the anti-trafficking and modern slavery sector, to learn from their first-hand experience of supporting victims and disrupting trafficking networks in order to inform policy recommendations to Parliamentarians and Government,” the organisation website states

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