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Ben Wallace top candidate to replace Johnson: Experts

In this instalment of World News, TVP World invited two guests, the first being Michael Dembinski, chief advisor at the British from the British Polish Chamber of Commerce to talk about the demise of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The second guest James Rogers, Co-founder and Director of Research at the Council on Geostrategy also discussed the current situation in the UK.

According to the first guest, after everything that Boris Johnson survived, including Partygate and many other scandals, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, the one thing that decided his fate was “sexual groping of men by another man, a conservative MP, and that was the thing that brought down Boris Johnson.”

He went on to say the ones responsible for Boris Johnson’s demise were “the party members, the parliamentary party, the government ministers, the junior ministers who resigned en masse, they did so to force his hand.”

He pointed out that there was no better candidate to lead the conservative party but the Minister of Defence Ben Wallace. “Much of what is claimed to be Boris Johnson’s fantastic presence and his appearance in Kyiv, yeah fine, but in the end of the day it was the ministry of defence and the minister of defence who has been preparing that policy for some while now.”

The second guest of World News pointed out that “according to the latest YouGov survey of conservative party members Ben Wallace comes out at top and Liz Truss comes out fourth although there is only a few percent between the two of them so they are both potentially in the running if they put their names forward to be the leader.”

James Rogers added that the new British government will most likely not change much in their approach to the European partners.

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