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Eastern Express 7.07

Yuri Voronov, a Russian oligarch dies this year, continuing a trend of wealthy Russians dying under mysterious circumstances. Most of the deceased, are from the oil and gas sectors linked in various forms to Gazprom as well as Novatek. At least some of these alleged suicides do seem to have been staged.

The oligarch was found dead in a swimming pool at a wealthy estate near St. Petersburg. A firearm and several shell casings were also discovered there. Mr Voronov was the founder and head of Astra-Shipping, a transportation and logistics company specialising in orders for Gazprom in the Arctic.

Earlier in April, bodies of former Novatek board of directors’ deputy, as well as his wife and daughter, were discovered by Spanish police. Police believe the incident to be a murder-suicide, however, Novatek and Protosenya’s son who are still alive have questioned this hypothesis.

Other mysterious deaths include Leonid Shulman – head of the transport department at Gazprom Invest, Alexander Tulyakov – a top finance and security manager at Gazprom, Sergei Protosenya – the former deputy head of Russian gas giant Novatek, Vladislav Avaev – former vice president of Gazprombank and Alexander Subbotin – former top manager of Lukoil.

This episode further covers topics of the European Commission urging to prepare for cutting off Russian supplies, the Caspian pipeline’s ceasing of operations, UN efforts to reopen sea lanes that were closed due to the war in Ukraine and the ending of protests in Uzbekistan.

To shed more light on these issues TVP World invites Zygmunt Dzięciołowski, founding editor of openDemocracy/Russia.

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