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Russia is a threat to Poland, Moldova, and the Baltic States: Zelenskyy

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned NATO that Russia has perceived the Alliance as an enemy for a long time. In his address to the NATO leaders, he said that the Kremlin wants to rebuild its empire and that Russia is a threat to Poland, Moldova, and the Baltic States.

“Russia is going to bomb not only Ukraine but also other counties, possibly including NATO members. Russia has threatened that it would attack Ukraine if our country joins NATO. we are not in NATO and the war lasts for 126 days, after 8 years of struggle in Donbas,” Zelenskyy said.

He added that Putin perceives Europe in a completely different way than all European states.

“Russia sees Lithuania not as a NATO member state but as a former Soviet republic. We look into the future, but they look into the past. They want to control Lithuania. Each formerly Soviet-controlled country is perceived in the same way,” Zelenskyy said.

“Now you say that Russia is a major threat, but you have been an enemy for them for a long time. Russia built an ideology on that and it is seen in its propaganda. That propaganda works even in your countries. It is not a freedom of speech, it is readying for a war against you,” Zelenskyy claimed.

He explained that the Russian forces use the “burned ground” tactics. They destroy entire cities forcing their residents to leave.

“Russians do not want to stop at Donbas or Ukraine. They want to swallow us all, everyone who is considered Russian property. The question is: who’s next? Moldova? Baltic states? Poland? The answer is: all of us, sooner or later,” warned Zelenskyy.

He also explained that the gas supplies from Russia to Europe have been stopped to blackmail European states and force them to ask Russia for the resource. The same applies to food and Russia’s goal is to cause a food crisis in Europe and Africa.

“Our goals are compatible with yours. We are interested in security and stabilisation. This is the war for the future state of the world. It is absolutely necessary to support Ukraine militarily, financially, and through sanctions against Russia. Ukraine needs modern anti-aircraft and anti-rocket systems. Sending them to us would break Russia’s tactics,” Zelenskyy appealed.

He added that Ukraine also needs security guarantees from NATO and pointed out that all of Ukraine’s neighbouring countries in the west are in favour of its membership in the Alliance.

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