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Rock Rachon 23.06

Germany’s rabid hunger for cheap Russian gas to power its economy has produced a paradoxical result in which a cabinet member from the Green party had to announce the return to coal. And if the purpose of Frontex apparently is not to protect EU’s borders, then what is it?

Germany has chased itself into a corner, having for over a decade become dependent on Russian natural gas. When many countries refused to pay for Russian energy resources in rubles, which was the Kremlin’s way to prop up its currency, Germany finally broke the ranks and agreed to the blackmail. Not only have the Russians refused to accept the Germans’ offer to concede to their demand, but started to cut the gas supplies to Germany.

This led Robert Habeck, Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, to announce that coal-operated power plants will be restarted. A bitter pill for a representative of The Greens to swallow.

When many warned Germany to diversify its energy resources, e.g., Poland and then-President of the United States Donald Trump, this only invited laughter of derision. But no one is laughing now. And yet, the EU continues to push for the abandonment of fossil fuels to reduce CO2 emissions. And more importantly, it appears that the rules that Germany forces other countries to adopt, do not apply to Germany itself.

Rock Rachon’s first guest was Jake Jacobs, academic lecturer, historian, and author, as well as the host of “Jake Jacobs Show”, who discussed with the host why has the West declared a war on itself when it comes to energy resources.

The second topic of the episode was the Frontex agency and the European Coast Guard. The head of Frontex was recently sacked, apparently for doing his job, which was supposed to be protecting EU borders. Why is this happening? Charlie Weimers, Swedish politician, MEP, and co-chair of the ECR Migration Working Group was invited to share his thoughts on the issue.

And finally, Matthew Tyrmand, a Polish-American investigative journalist. Where is he this time? Watch the full episode and find out.

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