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World News 23.06

EU leaders met to debate granting Ukraine a candidate status, a TVP journalist is put on trial in Belarus, and British railway workers’ strike threatens to paralyse the UK. This and much more in the Thursday edition of World News.

Odesa under fire

Odesa is under constant attack from the Russian mortars and artillery. While Ukrainian authorities fear a larger Russian offensive, residents of the city attempt to live their normal lives amidst the gunshots and explosions. Our correspondent, Aleksandra Marchewicz reporting from the embattled city.

EP recommends granting Ukraine candidate status

With 529 votes in favour, 45 against and 14 abstentions, the European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling on the heads of state and government who gathered at the EU summit to grant Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova EU candidate status “without delay”. Now the ball is in the European Council court.

Ukrainian fight continues

Ukrainians keep fighting and defending the rest of Eastern Europe from Russian influence. Despite claims of victories and success stories coming from the Kremlin, pictures show the Russian army struggling to take even an inch of ground from the Ukrainian defenders.

TVP journalist on trial

The trial of TVP journalist Iryna Slaunikava has begun in Belarus. The Belarusian regime is accusing the journalist of violating the social order and participation in an extremist group.

Britons face death penalty

The fate of two Britons who fought on Ukraine’s side and were captured by the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic hangs in the balance. The separatist authorities have imposed the death sentence on the British citizens despite international pressure and outrage.

Go local not Russian

As Europe diverts from Russian suppliers of all kinds, the 590 Congress is underway in the Polish capital. Aiming to focus on local suppliers, Polish Ministers attended the event, debating the future of the European continent. TVP World’s Marek Steele-Zieliński reported from the event.

UK railway workers on strike

This is the greatest strike in the UK since the 1970s and so far no end is in sight. The railway in Great Britain is on strike for another day. Klaudia Czewińska, our correspondent in London, reported on the situation.

Russia threatens to cut off gas for Winter

Russia has been steadily cutting the gas flow to Europe, and European states are faced with a dire situation ahead of this year’s Winter. While Members of the European Parliament have debated a solution to accelerate stockpiles for Winter, the authorities of individual EU member states have started to take matters into their own hands.

International aid for Afghanistan

As Afghanistan struggles to cope with the effects of the 6.1 magnitude earthquake, the international community scrambled up to support the Taliban government in facing the humanitarian catastrophe. Japan and South Korea are two of many countries which pledged humanitarian aid to Afghans in peril.

British-Turkish co-operation

The United Kingdom and Turkey look to expand their co-operation during the latest visit of the British Foreign Secretary to Ankara. The top diplomats discussed a wide range of issues: from Syria, through the Ukrainian grain crisis, to the question of Sweden and Finland’s NATO accession ahead of the NATO summit in Madrid.

Gortat’s basketball camp in Poland

The former Washington Wizards star, Marcin Gortat, has yet again embarked on his charity tour. In Poland, Gortat is organising basketball camps, meaning to guide children of all ages towards a better future.

George Friedman

TVP World’s David Kennedy interviewed George Friedman, geopolitical forecaster and strategist on international affairs.

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