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Polish army to order more surface-to-air missiles from local company

On Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak will accept an agreement increasing the number of Piorun anti-aircraft missile sets ordered for the Polish Army. The equipment is designed to combat low-flying aircraft.

According to the Defense Ministry, the first Piorun missiles will be delivered to the soldiers later this year. The deliveries will continue in the following years.

The ministry also pointed out that ordering further sets of such missiles at the Polish Mesko company is part of a consistent strengthening of the position of the national arms industry in the process of modernisation of the Polish Army.

Piorun anti-aircraft missile sets

The contract for the missiles was originally signed in December 2016, with a completion date of 2023. These weapons are designed to combat low-flying aircraft such as planes, helicopters and drones. In the Polish Armed Forces, they are used as a part of the Very Short Range Air Defence (VSCHRAD) system.

The Piorun is a modernised version of the Grom portable anti-aircraft missile sets, which are also used by the Polish Army. The modernisation included a modified launching mechanism, a new homing warhead with higher sensitivity and an optoelectronic target sight mounted on a special rail. As a result, the possibilities of target tracking, resistance to interference and range of fire were improved.

Some Polish equipment, including the Piorun anti-aircraft missiles, was presented at Congress 590 in Warsaw.

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