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Dynamic, modern, developing Ukraine: Ukrainian minister’s vision for the future

TVP World’s correspondent in Ukraine, Aleksandra Marchewicz, interviewed Oleksiy Chernyshov, the Ukrainian Minister for Communities and Territories’ Development.

Mr Chernyshov spoke of the efforts of his Ministry to ensure that the country is ready for the cold months. Although the winter is still several months away, Russian invaders have dealt massive damage to residential and other infrastructure. At present, the Ministry for Communities and Territories’ Development is assessing the extent of damage and using the data gathered to develop a plan for recovery. Apart from ensuring that everyone has a roof above their heads, either by rebuilding what can be rebuilt or providing temporary accommodation, the Ministry is also working diligently to ensure that the heating and running water infrastructure is operational again.

Speaking of Poland’s assistance to Ukraine and its people, Minister Chernyshov said that what is going on now is a chance to write a new chapter in what has historically been an often strained relationship between the two nations. But apart from that, he also believes that Poland will play a big part in rebuilding Ukraine. The two governments have entered a very close collaboration, and corresponding ministries remain in close contact. And once the war ends, Polish companies investing in Ukraine will help rebuild the country, hopes Chernyshov. As he stresses, Poland has developed immensely over the past two decades, and the experience of Polish companies will be very useful for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

To give an idea of the challenge faced by Ukraine, Mr Chernyshov quoted some numbers. 12,000 multi-unit residential buildings have been destroyed or damaged and the number for single-family units was even higher: 100,000. But the Minister hopes that once the reconstruction effort is completed, Ukraine will be a dynamic, modern, developing country and a member of the EU. He also firmly believes that that will bring more modernisation and stability to the entire bloc.

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