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Gov’t to help businesses affected by traffic restrictions at border with Belarus

The Polish government announced financial support for entrepreneurs operating near the Belarusian border, whose businesses were affected by the restrictions on entering the border zone that were introduced last year during the migrant crisis.

The restrictions, limiting access to areas close to the Belarusian border, were introduced in September 2021 in order to aid local authorities in uninterrupted stopping illegal migrants entering Poland. The restrictions affected numerous businesses, particularly those related to tourism.

“We have adopted a legal stance to implement the ‘border shield’ in Poland,” Waldemar Buda, the country’s Minister of Development and Technology, told reporters at a press conference after a government meeting on Tuesday, explaining that the aid package is a response as a result of the effects of the border-protection law.

Asked about the shield’s budget, Mr Buda said “it should be fluid, open, I assume tens of millions [of PLN].”

He pointed out that governors of local provinces would assist the government in identifying and appraising the losses and businesses which should receive the aid. “Then we will know the specific estimates of this programme,” Mr Buda added.

The Minister also mentioned that the government is ready for implementation of the support mechanisms as to the ‘border shield’, as soon as the European Commission agrees to launch it.

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