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Israel braces for fifth election within span of three years

In a statement released by the office of the Isreali prime minister, Naftali Bennett stated that the various attempts at stabilising the coalition had been exhausted, and the factious government consisting of a multitude of ideologically disparate parties will be submitting a bill for the dissolution of the parliament.

The move to dissolve the parliament as it currently stands, will force new elections while making foreign minister Yair Lapid the caretaker leader as per an existing agreement.

The unruly coalition built on their mutual disdain for former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu saw fragmentation during its time, setting the stage for the country’s fifth election within a span of three years, and the potential return of long time prime minister Netanyahu.

Fragmented as it currently stands, members of the Knesset are dreading the return of former PM, as many voiced their resolve for deterring him from office, with some raising concerns about the toll taken by the country in having to organise multiple large scale elections in such a short timespan, and furthermore that large scale elections with such frequency could lead to instability.

The possibility of the election being held as early as October delighted Netanyahu, the longest serving leader of Israel, who was toppled only a year ago by an unusually rare coalition formed by hard-right plus liberal and Arab politicians. According to a statement made by Netanyahu, he sees his conservative Likud party leading the next government.

Polls indicate Likud having around 30 of the Israeli parliament’s 120 seats, which makes Netanyahu’s party the dominant force, yet still requires him signing up allies in order to effectively carry out legislations.

With the upcoming changes a further shift is bound to be witnessed on the political maps of Israel.

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