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Don’t believe in lies about Poland: US former Ambassador to Poland

US former Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher has called the ongoing discussion in the European Union on Poland and its rule of law unjust and absurd, expressing her regret that the EU believes lies about Poland.

She insisted that democracy worked how it should be working in Poland with nothing to complain about. Calling Poland the leader of East-Central Europe, she said that the country was picked on because of failure to understand it.

Ms Mosbacher felt that no other state had done so much in terms of energy security as Poland did.

In an interview for Poland’s “Sieci” weekly, Ms Mosbacher stressed that Poland was today an unquestionable leader when providing help to Ukraine was considered. She said that whatever support the US was collaborating on with its Allies took place in cooperation with Warsaw. She called Poland a gateway for the US aid earmarked for Ukraine, adding that Poland deserved gratitude for what it was doing and for the way it was inspiring others to action.

She went on to stress that Poles had been trying to warn the world about Russia but no one would listen, also when Warsaw spoke of the threat entailed by the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

To recall, German Chancellor Scholz suspended certification of Nord Stream 2 on February 22, 2022, following Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s announcement of Russia’s recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics and the deployment of troops in those territories.

On this note, the former US Ambassador to Poland said that Germany, for the most part, was to be blamed for the current situation, as Berlin wanted to render Europe dependent on cheap Russian gas and Nord Stream 2. She went on to say that Germany had been building a pipeline together with Putin, who annexed Crimea and Donbas.

The former diplomat felt a discussion should be started on what would happen after the war, also in case Russia became China’s satellite state, or what would come about when Ukraine wins. She also ruminated over a future in which Putin could remain in power and pondered whether Russia would continue to pose a threat. She stressed that 150 million people living in the largest country in the world could not possibly be simply ignored.

She argued that a way must be found to turn Russia into a good and secure neighbour.

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