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Irish PM urges UK to resume talks with EU over North Ireland law

Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin deemed the new British law to change part of a Brexit deal in an attempt to ease trade with Northern Ireland to be “unilateralism of the worst kind” and urged the UK government to resume talks.

Two new legal proceedings against Britain were launched by the European Commission this month after London published its plan to override various post-Brexit rules in its Northern Ireland protocol that governs trade with the British province.

London has proposed to scrap some checks on goods from the rest of the country arriving in Northern Ireland and simultaneously challenged the role of the European Court of Justice in deciding parts of the post-Brexit deal agreed by the EU and Britain.

It would take some time for the new legislation to be passed by the British parliament. The Irish Prime Minister Martin told the BBC that the bill is not acceptable, as it represents ”unilateralism in its worst form”.

“We accept fully there are legitimate issues around the operation of the protocol and we believe with serious sustained negotiations between the European Union and United Kingdom government, those issues could be resolved,” the Irish PM said.

According to the Irish PM, London’s urge to restore the power-sharing administration in Northern Ireland would harm the province’s economy in the form of a dual regulatory regime, which would bring up the costs to business.

“If this bill is enacted, I think we’re in a very serious situation,” he said. “What now needs to happen is really substantive negotiations between the British government and the European Union.”

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