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Russia may have to slow down, regroup in couple of months: report

Russia may have to slow operations down for a major regroup given how much of its military arsenal it has already used since it invaded Ukraine on February 24, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing anonymous sources among EU officials.

The US-based media company reported that Russia’s progress “remains slow and mostly limited to Luhansk, even after it focused efforts on the larger Donbas following the failure of its attempts to take Kyiv and other major cities early in the war.”

Reportedly, the Kremlin’s military manpower could be dwindling, along with its material reserves. “That’s led some European officials to conclude it could be months from seeking some kind of a cease-fire that would allow it to cement what gains it’s been able to make so far,” Bloomberg wrote.

“Russia probably needs at least another 2-3 months to take big towns in Donbas, such as Slovyansk and Kramatorsk,” according to Indrek Kannik, director of Estonia’s International Centre for Defence and Security. “That’s when Russia will reach its capacity and will push for a deal on that basis.”

The press agency went on to stress that Russia has suffered large losses, particularly in tanks and armoured personnel carriers. The Kremlin has been forced to pull out older equipment from its barracks, including decades-old T-62 tanks from its Eastern Military District.

“Russia continues to deploy insufficiently prepared volunteer and reserve forces to reinforce its ongoing operations,” the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War said in a Tuesday report, noting social-media reports of reservists training on D-20 artillery and T-80BV tanks dating from the Soviet era.

Russia continues to deny any problems sustaining the war effort and vows to continue until its goals are reached.

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