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Eastern Express 14.06

Russia is tightening its grip on Africa. Putin invited Macky Sall, the President of Senegal, to Sochi, who also currently serves as the President of the African Union. The African leader has called for help in facing a humanitarian and economic crisis caused by lack of grain and fertiliser supplies. During the conversation he consistently avoided calling the situation in Ukraine a war. In order to uphold friendly relations with Africa, Putin has pledged to facilitate the export of essential products as the crisis on the continent has become ever more serious.

Last week, the Russian ambassador to Algeria announced that “in just a few months, the Russian presence in Mali has brought security and stability there.” Mali is Algeria’s southern neighbor, a country that has been struggling with jihadists for years. But the Russian presence is not helping there – quite the contrary.

The ruling junta ditched France as their main ally, inviting the Russians in their place. Moscow, unlike the West, will not criticise the undemocratic rule of the generals. Furthermore, the Russian-sponsored Wagner Group mercenaries fail to give the ruling junta an advantage in their war against the jihadists, while also massacring the civilian population.

Eastern Express’ guest

TVP World has invited Jędrzej Czerep from the Polish Institute for International Studies to shed more light on the issue.

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