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Peruvian police seize two tonnes of cocaine in asparagus cans

Peru’s anti-drug police seized 2.2 tonnes of cocaine that was to be shipped by sea to the Netherlands hidden in asparagus cans. Police arrested seven Peruvians and ordered the capture of two Albanians, a police chief said on Saturday.

Colonel César Echevarría, head of the Anti-Drugs Directorate, said the drug trafficking organisation was led by two Albanian nationals and that the drugs were to be sent to the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

“This is a criminal organisation with links in Colombia, Ecuador and Albania,” Mr Echevarría said after presenting the drug shipment to the press. “We are coordinating with [the International Police Section] to locate two Albanian citizens who have arrived in our country as logistical facilitators and coordinators with the Albanian mafia.”

The liquid drug was camouflaged in cans of asparagus for export that were transported in a truck from Trujillo (north) to Callao, where it was seized on Friday, he explained.

“This organisation had planned to be paid for the drugs with virtual currencies,” the official added.

This year alone, Peruvian police have seized about 35 tonnes of drugs. The country is one of the world’s largest producers of cocaine, with some 400 tonnes a year, according to official figures.

It is also, along with Bolivia, one of the largest producers of coca leaf, the raw material for cocaine, after Colombia.

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