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Eastern Express 6.06

After the Russian troops were driven out from the vicinity of Kyiv and northeastern Ukraine, military aid to Ukraine from western countries significantly increased. Since mid-April, in view of Russia’s preparations to launch the second phase of the war, the possibility of supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons necessary for counter-attacks against the aggressor’s troops has been officially considered. Countries including the US, the UK and Germany promised to send this kind of equipment.

US aid

On April 28, the House of Representatives of the US Congress overwhelmingly passed the “Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022.” The Act allows “to sell, exchange, and otherwise make available to other governments any defence products”. The bill brought important legal solutions in terms of providing material military aid to Ukraine.

Moreover, the US Congress passed a USD 40 billion aid bill signed by the president on May 21.

On June 1, the US administration announced the allocation of USD 700 million in the eleventh military aid package. President Biden, in a personal statement published on the White House website, announced that the package would include HIMARS high mobility rocket artillery systems, or modern rocket artillery – ground-to-ground missiles.

Eastern Express’ guest

To talk about the military and humanitarian aid provided by western countries to Ukraine and the ongoing Russian invasion TVP World’s Rafał Domański spoke with Michał Kuź from the Jagiellonian Club.

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