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Poland rules out taxing state-owned energy firms

Polish state-owned energy companies have the obligation to protect the country’s energy security so burdening them with an additional tax on extra profits from high fuel prices is unnecessary, the climate minister has said.

In an interview with the website, Anna Moskwa commented on the International Energy Agency’s calculations that a so-called windfall tax could provide an additional EUR 200 billion for fighting the energy crisis.

“We value our cooperation with the International Energy Agency and its recommendations on savings,” Moskwa said, but added that “the windfall tax doesn’t seem necessary in Poland.”

“We don’t have private entities that do not have energy security written into their articles of association, ones that could be taxed so that the dividend does not leave the country,” Moskwa said and explained that the biggest energy companies in Poland are state-owned.

Last week, the United Kingdom announced a 25-percent windfall tax on extra profits of oil and gas companies. The proceeds will finance a GBP 15-billion support package for households affected by a spike in electricity bills. Italy introduced a windfall tax before the UK, while Hungary is also preparing a similar levy.

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