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Finland and Sweden would be extremely difficult target for Russia: expert

TVP World’s guest Robert Pszczel, former Chief of NATO Information Centre in Moscow, discussed Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO, the potential Russian retaliation, and the significance of the security assurances made by the UK and Poland to the two Nordic countries.

In light of Turkey’s objections to the accession of both states to NATO, Robert Pszczel said that while NATO needed a unanimous decision to accept their application, the hope was that President Erdoğan had voiced his reservations in order to raise the issue of Turkey’s own security concerns and that the ongoing direct conversations between Stockholm, Helsinki and Ankara would soon resolve the matter. If so, both Sweden and Finland could join NATO very quickly, as the countries have been tightening their partnership with NATO since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

Mr Pszczel added that the security guarantees made by the UK and Poland with reference to any potential attacks on Sweden and Finland during their NATO accession procedure were very clear and unambiguous. With regards to Russia’s retaliation threats, he stressed that the two Nordic countries would be “an extremely difficult object of Russian aggression” due to their effective defence systems, high mobilisation reserves and excellent military equipment.

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