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MoD makes case for strong, extensive army

Artur Reszko/PAP

Poland’s defence minister has said that while modern weaponry is important, it is more important for an army to have a large number of soldiers.

Speaking in the town of Sokolka in the northeastern Podlaskie province, where he was meeting Territorial Defence Force (WOT) volunteers, the minister drew attention to Poland’s purchase of 250 Abrams tanks, enquiries about further Patriot batteries and HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) artillery launchers, and the procurement of domestic and Turkish-made drones as well as Piorun anti-aircraft systems, which have also been sent to Ukraine.

“Modern weaponry is of course extremely important, but even more important is for the Polish Army to be sizeable,” Blaszczak said. “No army can be strong if it is not extensive.”

Blaszczak highlighted plans to increase the Polish armed forces’ personnel about two-fold to 250,000 operational soldiers and 50,000 WOT volunteers.

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