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Help Without Borders: 11.05

Watch the latest episode of TVP World’s Help Without Borders – a show dedicated to refugees from Ukraine, to learn about their stories, the volunteers, charities, and organisations providing humanitarian assistance.

Cyryl Topalov, a Ukrainian volunteer based in Poland, spoke to TVP World about his humanitarian efforts involving the delivery of vans with aid to the Territorial Defence in Ukraine as part of the “Vans for UA” non-profit organisation. The details of the initiative are available on Facebook. Cyryl called Poland one of Ukraine’s best friends, praising the country’s willingness to provide accommodation as well as material and psychological support to Ukrainian refugees.

TVP World correspondent Karolina Pajączkowska interviewed Eliza Dzwonkiewicz, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Lviv, in a temporary container settlement established three weeks earlier by the Polish government that currently houses 300 people. The Consul General stressed the importance of having at least some privacy and separate living space for psychological wellbeing of the refugees. She also talked about the belief in Ukrainian victory shared by the whole community. The residents of the settlement receive vouchers for food and each person has their own bed, which is especially important as earlier many of them had sought refuge in school buildings and other makeshift shelters where often dozens of people shared one room. A second such settlement has been established in Lviv four days earlier. More will be organised in other cities, also in the Kyiv province, in towns such as Bucha and Borodyanka.

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