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Help Without Borders: 10.05

Watch the latest episode of TVP World’s Help Without Borders – a show dedicated to the refugees from Ukraine, to learn about their stories, the volunteers, charities, and organisations providing humanitarian assistance.

More than 3.2 million of the total 5.89 million refugees who have fled Ukraine – have reached the safety of Poland, which has been providing humanitarian help to the arrivals since the very beginning.

This episode began with a report from a kindergarten for Ukrainian children at st. Andrew Bobola Parish in Warsaw.

“We fled to Poland when bombs started dropping from the sky,” said Oksana, a therapist from the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, currently helping at the parish.

The programme’s first guest was Magdalena Drzewiecka, an English teacher from Nadarzyn, central Poland, who gave some insight into how Polish schools provide assistance to Ukrainians fleeing from their war-torn country.

“We are trying to create a nice atmosphere,” she said. “We provide them [the refugees] with free students’ books, meals, equipment and access to computers.”

“What is more… we organised a library for them, now called “The Ukrainian Club,” she added.

The programme’s second guest was Fr. Grzegorz Draus from the St. John Paul II Parish in Lviv, Ukraine.

“There are about 50 children [from Ukraine] in our parish, as well as some 180 adults,” he told TVP World. “They are from Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.”

Asked about the psychological well-being of children under his care, Fr. Grzegorz said that his parish organises daily meetings with a psychologist to support them.

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