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World News 10.05: POTUS revives act that helped beat Nazis to fight Putin

The world unites to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression, two Asian countries experience political unrest, and Queen Elizabeth II’s heir delivers a speech in her stead.

Lend-Lease deal for Ukraine

President Joe Biden has signed the Lend-Lease act for Ukraine – a revival of the law which helped defeat Nazi Germany during World War Two. The law will facilitate the export of a variety of military equipment to Ukraine for which the country will pay for at a later date.

Defender 2022 manoeuvres

NATO’s Defender 2022 exercises are underway, with 18,000 troops from 9 countries, including Poland. Don Arleth was at the Drawsko Pomorskie military training grounds and spoke with representatives of the US and German contingents about their mission.

Ukraine applying for EU membership

TVP World’s Karolina Pajączkowska was in Kyiv to report on the progress in Ukraine’s application process to join the EU.

Purported health problems of Queen Elizabeth II

On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth II was meant to be present at the State Opening and deliver a speech to the House of Commons, but was instead delivered by the Heir Apparent, Prince Charles. The Queen skipped the speech only two times before, when she was pregnant, back in the 1950s.

Deadly toll of Sri Lanka protest

The political crisis in Sri Lanka continues to escalate as the country’s law enforcement brutally dispersed demonstrating crowds on Monday. At least seven people lost their lives.. Hundreds more were injured.

Filipinos protest

Political protests are intensifying in Southeast Asia, as the Filipinos took to the streets to demonstrate. They are outraged with the dismissal of petitions to disqualify Ferdinand Marcos Junior, son of the former dictator of the country, from the presidential ballot.

Warhol masterpiece sold

A painting by Andy Warhol was sold for one of the highest prices in history. The Shot Sage Blue Marilyn is one of the most well known works of the pop-art painter.

World News Guests

Inna Sovsun and Alexandr Merezhko, Members of Parliament of Ukrainian Parliament were guests of World News and were asked about international support for their country.

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