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World News 9.05: Victory Day Parade in Moscow, Europe Day celebrations in EU

As Russians celebrate victory over German nazis, Ukrainians are busy fighting back against Russians invading their country. On the same day, EU countries celebrate European integration. There has been a momentous change in Northern Ireland following local parliamentary elections as the largest local Unionist party has, for the first time in history, not won the largest share of votes.

Russians celebrate Victory Day; Ukrainians do not

Russia marked Victory Day, celebrating Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany, with the annual military parade, although this year it was scaled down, with less heavy equipment driving across Red Square. Vladimir Putin reiterated his usual talking points, without announcing any new moves, such as a general mobilisation.

Meanwhile, in Kyiv, there were no Victory Day celebrations this year. The country was once part of the USSR, and many soldiers from Ukraine served in the Red Army. Due to the country struggling with Russian aggression, the parade was cancelled. Our correspondent, Aleksandra Marchewicz was in Kyiv to report on the mood in the Ukrainian capital in the 11th week of the war and describe how the country’s media reported on the event in Moscow.

May 9: conflicting narratives

Russians celebrate their victory over Germany on May 9, but for many other people in Eastern and Central Europe, the date marks the beginning of occupation by Moscow which turned them into USSR’s satellite states with no right to self-determination. Modern Russia maintains that Poland and other states should be grateful to their liberators, even though in reality “liberation” meant a change of regime and Soviet domination. Professor Żurawski vel Grajewski, explained the trouble with the Russian “liberation” narrative.

Anti-war protests

Ukrainian counter-protesters confronted Russian demonstrators commemorating victory day in a number of European cities. In Warsaw, where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees have found shelter, the Russian ambassador was drenched in red paint, resembling blood. It was symbolic of the thousands of lives cut short by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Polish foreign minister Zbigniew Rau commented on the incident concerning the Russian ambassador saying that “it is, by all means, regrettable and should not have happened.”

Parades in Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine

The May 9 commemorations were held not only in Moscow. Russian occupation authorities have also organised Victory Day celebrations in Ukrainian territories temporarily under their control. Civilians were enticed into participation with extra food rations or in some cases just forced to take part. The Russian media took advantage of the situation and recorded propaganda material for its domestic audience.

Azovstal stronghold in Mariupol under attack

Russian troops resumed their assault on the Metallurgical Combine Azovstal in Mariupol after the United Nations column left the Donetsk region with evacuated civilians, said advisor to Mariupol’s Mayor, Petro Andriushchenko. Tanks and heavy shelling were used in an attempt to neutralise the last of the defenders who continue to hold out.

Scholz and Macron on Ukraine

Today, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held a joint conference in Berlin with the French President, Emmanuel Macron. The trip is Mr Macron’s first trip abroad following his reelection for a second term last month.

Closing event of EU’s conference

The closing session of the Conference on the Future of Europe took place today in Strasbourg. May 9 is Europe Day, celebrated by the EU annually, it commemorates the day on which the building of the EU is said to have begun.

Elections in Northern Ireland

With growing nationalistic sentiments, Northern Ireland showed just how disappointed they are with the British government. Sinn Féin, the self-proclaimed representatives of Irish nationalists and once considered the political arm of the IRA, won the relative majority of votes to the Northern Ireland’s Assembly for the first time in history.

World News’ Guest: Yevheniya Kravchuk

TVP World’s guest was Yevheniya Kravchuk, a Ukrainian MP and deputy head of the “Servant of the People” party, established by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Ms Kravchuk was asked about how Ukrainians feel about the Victory Day celebrations given the current situation.

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