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‘Provocation’: Official on cancelled May 9 Russian celebrations in Warsaw

On May 9, the day Russia celebrates the USSR’s victory over Germany in WWII, the country’s embassy in Warsaw planned celebrations that it eventually cancelled due to “the risk of harassment.” Michał Dworczyk, head of the Chancellery of Polish Prime Minister, assessed the initial plans by the Russians as a “provocation.”

StopRussiaNow billboards at Soviet Military Mausoleum

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“The actions of the Russian embassy are a kind of provocation, they are part of Russian propaganda. The idea is to be able to portray the situation negatively primarily for internal use,” he said in an interview with the Polish public broadcaster TVP1, commenting on the matter.

“All these actions are part of a certain narrative or Russian propaganda, which is particularly present in the Russian-speaking information space, but it also appears in our country from time to time,” he assessed. “This is obviously a false narrative – it has nothing to do with reality.”

The Russian embassy in Poland has decided not to go ahead with its planned Victory Day march in Warsaw today after city authorities and the Polish foreign ministry slammed the initiative

— Notes from Poland ���� (@notesfrompoland) May 9, 2022

’We should resist the manipulation’

As Mr Dworczyk stated, “Poland has recently been occupying an important place in the Russian-language media and information space.”

“We are portrayed extremely negatively, as a country hostile to the Russian Federation – aggressive, planning actions to negatively affect Russia and its people,” he stressed.

The official added that Russia’s actions are also aimed at stoking anti-Ukrainian attitudes in Poland, emphasising that “we should show appropriate sensitivity and not allow ourselves to be manipulated.”

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