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Enormous fuel shortages in western Ukraine: report from Kyiv

TVP World’s Aleksandra Marchewicz reported from Kyiv, describing the severe shortages of fuel in western Ukraine, where people wait in one- or two-kilometers-long lines to get to gas stations.

Western Ukraine, especially Kyiv, is suffering from enormous fuel shortages. We’ve already experienced that, going to the eastern parts of Ukraine, where there was scarcely anything left in the gas stations,” said Marchewicz, who had recently reported on the situation in Kharkiv. “The limit is ten litres of fuel per person or per day, which means that you cannot go further than one hundred kilometres with that fuel,” she added. “President Zelenskyy assured the people of Ukraine, especially in the western areas, that fuel would arrive here soon,” said Marchewicz, stressing that there have been talks between the Polish and Ukrainian heads of state concerning possible delivery of Polish fuel to Ukraine.

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