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Austria rejects embargo on Russian gas and NATO membership

Austria’s Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg confirmed on Sunday the country’s decision to reject the embargo on Russian gas during the Global Europe conference in Salzburg. He also said Austria would not be joining NATO, informed APA.

Schallenberg explained that imposing an embargo on Russian gas in Austria would require more time and preparations. “I wish the situation was different, but we are dependent on Russian gas,” he added. He also stressed that “Russia is not Vladimir Putin” and “trust in Putin is gone.”

The minister firmly denied that Austria had any interest in joining NATO or even discussing such a move. “Austria is a neutral country in the military sense, but it was never politically neutral,” he stressed. Schallenberg added that the country’s military budget would still be increased and “European architecture of security would be integrated,” as Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the minister stressed, was unwarranted.

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