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World News 7.05: Macron sworn in, Berlin readies for May 9

The recently reelected French President Emmanuel Macron was sworn into office today for his second term amidst tumultuous political, social and economic circumstances. Meanwhile, Berlin’s preparations for the annual celebration of May 9 cause controversy, as the municipal authorities decide to ban the use of both Ukrainian and Russian flags during demonstrations.

Russia’s campaign of violence
In an intercepted dispatch, a Russian commander confirmed his troops killed an innocent woman for no apparent reason other than her Ukrainian nationality. Our reporter Aleksandra Marchewicz reported from Kharkiv on this shocking story.

Ban on Ukrainian flags
In a controversial move, Berlin municipal authorities decided to ban carrying Ukrainian flags near historical landmarks during the festivities accompanying the anniversary of the end of WWII. The German officials also banned Russian flags, arguing that they want to avoid any clashes between Russian and Ukrainian residents. Several pro-Russian street events are expected to take place in Berlin on May 9, which is celebrated as Victory Day in Russia.

UN on Russian war crimes
The United Nations called an emergency meeting of the Security Council regarding the situation in Ukraine. Despite the Russian invasion entering its third month, representatives of the Russian Federation still take part in the Security Council proceedings.

Free nations of Russia
Several dozen members of the Russian opposition as well as experts from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and the United States, arrived in Warsaw for a special event known as the Free Nations of Russia Forum. Their objective: to discuss the future of Russia without Vladimir Putin. TVP World’s reporter Kazimierz Łysiak was at the venue of the event.

London-Tokyo pact
Britain’s PM Boris Johnson and his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida have signed a new defence partnership, hoping to tackle emerging threats in the Indo-Pacific and beyond. TVP World’s special correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska’s report featured a conversation with James Rogers, co-founder of the Council on Geostrategy.

The hunt for Kremlin assets

Italian authorities have impounded a luxury superyacht linked to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Worth in excess of USD 700 million, the vessel is the latest among valuable properties targeted in the ongoing global effort to exert economic pressure on the Kremlin’s elite, with some jurisdictions preparing legal instruments to seize their wealth and use it to help Ukraine.

“The Churchill of our time”
Former President George W. Bush confirmed on Twitter that he had held a video conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The former US President hailed Zelenskyy “the Winston Churchill of our time” and said that Ukraine’s fortitude and resilience was a powerful inspiration to Americans.

Macron sworn in
French President Emmanuel Macron was sworn into office at the Elysee palace just outside of Paris. Following his re-election, Macron will continue his mission for the next 5 years, facing both domestic and international challenges right from the start of his second term, including the war in Ukraine, immigration issues and inflation.

Is the United Nations becoming obsolete?
Over two months after Russia first attacked Ukraine, its position in the UN Security Council remains unchallenged. Despite being the aggressor, Moscow is still there, among the nations making fundamental choices as to the global order and security. The latest attempt of this body to finally adopt some kind of position throws this issue into stark relief. Is the United Nations becoming obsolete? TVP World’s guest who discussed this issue was Professor Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski from the University of Łódź.

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