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“Tanks for Ukraine” to spark debate on German historical memory

The “Tanks for Ukraine” is a social campaign designed to spark a public debate on the historical memory in West Germany and Berlin, organised by Vitsche Berlin (representing Ukrainian diaspora in Germany) and the Berlin branch of the Polish Pilecki Institute.

The clip “Tanks for Ukraine” (available online), is based on a fictional script in which Ukrainian farmers are borrowing Soviet tanks (built in Kharkiv) from the Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten in order to use them to fight the Russian occupier, informed the Pilecki Institute branch in Berlin.

Ukraine needs tanks RIGHT NOW!! – a Social Media Campaign produced by @VitscheBerlin and @PileckiInstitut.

Berliners have gotten used to the Soviet war memorial in Tiergarten. But did you know that the tanks in front of it were designed in Kharkiv? Imagine they came back home…

— Pilecki-Institut (@PileckiInstitut) May 6, 2022

“The victory over German Nazism, the defeat of the Third Reich, was the work of the Allies – the Americans, the British, the soldiers of many nations of occupied Europe – including the Poles, the French, the Red Army, which also included Ukrainians, Belarussians and Polish soldiers in Berling’s Army. There is not a single memorial in Berlin to the victory of the Allies over the Third Reich; instead, there are two memorials to Red Army soldiers, to Stalin and to Russian soldiers,” Vitsche Berlin pointed out in a Facebook post.

The story of the Soviet monument will be discussed during the “Old Symbols and the new War” public lecture held at the Pilecki Institute in Berlin on May 10, at 6.00 p.m. (CEST) .

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