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Poland’s Tauron provides Ukraine with energy equipment

Andrzej Grygiel/PAP

Poland’s power utility Tauron Group has donated to Ukraine supporting materials and equipment to repair energy infrastructure damaged as a result of the Russian invasion, the company has said.

So far, the Tauron Group has supplied the Ukrainian energy industry with transformers, power cables, power drums, utility poles, and thousands of additional elements for the construction of power lines, Tauron’s CEO Pawel Szczeszek said on Friday.

“It is a sign of our solidarity with Ukraine,” he added.

Tauron has been providing infrastructural assistance for Ukraine in partnership with the Polish Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves. Its financial aid for Ukraine has already amounted to around PLN 1 million (EUR 212,955).

The first tranche of technical support from Tauron including 25 transformers and six tons of power cables was sent to Ukraine in March.

“The power equipment given by Tauron in the second tranche includes 15 km of power cables, 168 poles, 13 drums and nearly 4,000 additional elements for the construction of power lines,” the company said in a Friday press release.

Tauron’s deputy CEO, Jerzy Topolski, quoted in the statement, said even before the war ends Ukraine needs help in rebuilding the damaged energy infrastructure.

“Regardless of the actions taken to rebuild the country, now, where possible, energy supplies to homes are being restored and damaged power grids rebuilt,” he said.

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