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Poland proposes amendments to EU sanctions against Russia

Poland has proposed to amend the draft of the sixth package of sanctions against Russia imposed due to the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Warsaw has demanded that a clause concerning the gradual phasing out of Russian gas imports be added, an EU source told PAP on Thursday.

Poland postulates shorter transitional periods leading to the complete embargo on Russian oil and the inclusion of all EU member states in the decision-making process concerning exemptions and derogations.

“The point is to make the decisions not on the national level, but on the level of all 27 states,” a high-level participant of the negotiations on sanctions who wished to remain anonymous told PAP.

Warsaw has also requested tighter restrictions on sea and road transport that would prevent the bypassing of sanctions, which would include chartering vessels.

Poland has also proposed to broaden the range of services affected by sanctions to include IT, accounting and public relations, as well as to cut off Gazprombank and other Russian and Belarusian banks from SWIFT.

Polish negotiators have also postulated that gradual restrictions on Russian gas import be imposed and fees for Russian energy carriers be obligatory during the transitional period. This money would be used to support Ukraine.

Representatives of EU member states will gather on Friday in Brussels for another round of negotiations.

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