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Over 100,000 Ukrainian refugees found jobs in Poland

Over 100,000 Ukrainian refugees have found employment in Poland and yet nearly half of them have been undertaking simple, unqualified jobs, Rzeczpospolita daily reported.

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According to Poland’s Family, Labour and Social Policy Ministry, “102,000 Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Poland in the wake of the Russian aggression on their country, have already found employment in Poland.”

“The waiving of work permits has significantly limited bureaucracy and gave [Ukrainian] refugees full access to the Polish job market,” the daily wrote.

Of the 22,000 people crossing the border on an average day, some 2,000 are actively looking for employment, the Border Guard (SG) and the ministry’s data showed.

“Each day, thousands more Ukrainian citizens find employment [in Poland] finding a means of subsistence and a chance to live independently in our country,” Family and Social Policy Minister Marlena Maląg said, adding that “these people usually take up simple jobs in those areas where employers report staff shortages.”

The Rzeczpospolita daily stressed that “juxtaposing the ministry’s data with the number of Ukrainians who have received a Polish Identity (PESEL) number from February 24, around 20 percent of refugees at the working age have already found employment.”

While “nearly half of the [Ukrainian] refugees who have been employed in Poland are engaged in simple jobs… only 17.7 percent have been employed as office workers, specialists or technicians. The rest has found employment in services and industry,” the article said.

The daily went on to explain that “such a structure of employment resulted from the fact that women constituted 75 percent of the workforce,” adding that “the majority of them are unqualified and lacking Polish language skills.”

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