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World News 4.05: Possible spread of Russia’s attacks, EU oil ban

With the Victory Day just around the corner, the possibility that Russia could spread its attacks is being discussed with growing concerns, as Putin may be planning to use May 9 to formally declare war on Ukraine and increase the offensive. Meanwhile, the EU proposed the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which aims to end all imports of Russian crude oil by the member states.

EU oil ban

As expected, the European Commission presented its proposal for a new, sixth package of sanctions on Russia. If adopted by EU member states, one of the most important financial penalties on Russia will be the complete halt of Russian crude oil imports by western countries. However, the EU countries were unable to reach an agreement on the package yet.

Plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed launching a recovery package for Ukraine to help it rebuild after Russia’s attacks. The EU’s chief executive said: “This package should bring massive investment to meet the needs and the necessary reforms.” At this moment there are no details about the package, but more specific information may be unveiled during the High-Level International Donors’ Conference for Ukraine which will take place on May 5 in Warsaw. The conference will be co-hosted by Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, as well as Charles Michel, President of the European Council, who already is in Warsaw.

Russia’s next move

With Russian bombs and rockets continuously falling on Ukraine, troubling reports are coming concerning the Kremlin’s further plans. According to CNN, Vladimir Putin could use the incoming Victory Day to formally wage war on Ukraine and increase the offensive.

Azov volunteer

Fierce battles have broken out between Ukrainian and Russian forces at the Azovstal steel works in the besieged city of Mariupol, where hundreds of civilians are still trapped inside along with the city’s last Ukrainian defenders. TVP World’s guest was Olga Kasian, human rights activist.

US abortion law: Historical change?

The leak of the majority opinion in the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade sparked protests amongst activists. US president Joe Biden, as well as Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vice President Kamila Harris, also sounded off on their objections to the decision. The leak of a Supreme Court decision is unprecedented and is seen as an attempt to leverage public pressure to influence the decision before its announcement. TVP World’s journalist Benjamin Lee, who has been writing about this topic, discussed the situation and its possible impact.

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